10 Vehicle Mods for Power, Performance, and Appearance

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you.

You’ve been changing up the fitness routine, trying out a new style, and eating better. You’re determined to do some much-needed maintenance and modifications. What if your car needs that same kind of treatment?

Your car has been looking a bit dull lately. It’s time to take your car to the next level in its power, performance, and appearance. There are plenty of vehicle mods you can make to achieve the desired outcome.

Below are 10 modifications to check out to get the ideas flowing. After you decide what you want to do, it’s time to get to work.

  1. Tint Your Windows

One multi-purpose car modification you need to consider is tinting your windows. Before paying someone for the job, check with your state’s laws regarding tinted car windows. It varies depending on where you live.

A huge reason to get your windows tinted is that it adds to the overall look of the car. A professional tint job makes your car appear much sleeker and cooler.

You’ll also enjoy a tint job if you live in an extremely sunny state such as Florida. You won’t be blinded as much by the light, and it’ll be a touch cooler in the summer.

  1. Install a Remote Start

Have you always been jealous of those people who have exotic cars with remote starts? You can have it too at a much lower price.

Research remote start kits you can install in your car. Some are only around $150 to buy. If you’re unsure on how to install it yourself, it’s best to reach out to a professional.

Once it’s installed, you can warm the car up on a winter day without even getting in.

  1. Invest in Seat Covers

An inexpensive, quick car modification anyone can do is placing seat covers over their existing car seats. This is especially needed for older cars with cloth seats.

Over the years, cloth seats can appear more and more worn and stained by general wear and tear. If you place seat covers in the car, the interior will immediately appear newer and more attractive. Seat covers are also a great way to customize your interior with different colors and designs.

If you can’t afford seat covers, try vacuuming cloth seats or buying an interior seat cleaner from the store.

  1. Replace Your Bumper

Many cars have scratches and dents galore on the bumpers. This leaves the car looking worn and unattractive.

Buy yourself a bumper kit and replace your bumper. You can even buy a kit if you’re bummer is just plain ugly. It doesn’t have to be damaged for you to replace it.

There are plenty of DIY bumper kits to check out online. Find one that fits your vehicle and budget.

  1. Upgrade Your Tires 

Many people find themselves with blown tires and little money. This causes them to buy cheap tires just so they have a working vehicle to get to work each day.

When given the chance, upgrade your tires. Don’t buy cheap, used tires. The original investment into expensive tires is scary, but you’ll be thanking yourself later on.

They’ll wear down more slowly, and your car will drive better on the roads.

  1. Get a Backup Camera

To save your rear bumper and yourself from hitting someone behind you, do yourself a favor and get a backup camera. They’re fairly inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Backup cameras are great exterior mods if you live in a city where you often have to parallel park or if you’re just not great at backing out of tight spaces. Either way, you’ll be glad you got one.

  1. Buy Suspension Upgrades

Check out your state’s requirements regarding height adjustments before going too crazy, but upgrading your suspension systems will change your car rides for the better.

Some people invest in suspension upgrades to achieve a certain look with the car height. Other people are desperate for a smoother commute. A new suspension system can address either issue.

  1. Consider a Paint Job

Paint jobs are expensive. If you do it yourself, it’s tricky and messy. However, it’s a worthy investment for many.

A paint job can customize the car to fit your personal aesthetic, and it can breathe life back into a dull vehicle. Go with a bright color to catch attention on the street, or paint your car matte black for a sleek look.

9.Pay Attention to the Details

It’s often the small details that make the biggest impact. Hop online to buy small modifications to achieve the vehicle of your dreams.

Throw on a steering wheel cover, or buy a fuzzy cover for your seatbelts. You can buy small coasters for your cup holders, and you can even bling out your dashboard with small jewels or chrome touches.

If you own a jeep, purchase custom covers for your back hanging tire. Throw on a couple of stickers to complete the look.

  1. Replace Your Speaker System

You know you have songs on your playlist that you want to experience at full volume. Replace your speaker system in your car for a sound upgrade.

As you explore different types of experiences, you should also take a peek at new infotainment systems you can install in your dash. These control your sound, GPS, and other car settings.

If you don’t have money to replace everything, consider making an addition. Add a subwoofer for a more boomy bass.

Vehicle Mods to Take Your Car to the Next Level 

Don’t just upgrade yourself this new year. Spend some time and money on your car as well with the above vehicle mods. You’ll be happy you did it.

Whether you want to boost the interior or overall ride experience in your car, many modifications can be done on your own. If it’s something that requires a professional, such as a paint or tinting job, spend time finding someone you trust to get the job done.

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