5 Reasons To Buy Second Hand Activa Bikes In Bangalore

Activa’s bikes have been doing a great performance in different parts of the country, including Bangalore. Due to their sheer brilliance in performance, innovation, and reputation of Honda, the price at which these bikes come might be too high for many people. Buying a cheap bike is also not an option as they do not live up to their promise. A much better alternative would be to go for a second hand Activa in Bangalore. This way you will be able to get quality without needing to splash too much of your cash. 

It might seem a bit sceptical to go for a second hand Activa model. But here are some of the reasons why you should buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore: 

Reduced Price 

Getting a new Activa comes at a considerable price. People who are looking for a durable bike without needing to pay too much can opt for the second-hand Activa. The performance that Activa can give over the course of years is almost unparalleled. So, you can totally rely on its performance. Hence, it could be a smart decision to go for an Activa model by paying much less than the original price. 

No Additional Costs 

Another great advantage of buying a second hand Activa in Bangalore is that you only have to pay the price of the bike and nothing else. This means there will be no need for you to pay the registration fee, road tax, etc. The original owner of the bike will have taken care of that. Besides, this will also save the time to go through so much paperwork as is the case when someone buys a new vehicle. Hence, with the second hand Activa, you will be bearing no extra costs and in return will be saving a lot of your valuable time. 


It is a fact widely acknowledged that Activa is a very comfortable bike. No matter which model you are looking for, the comfort level of the bike is guaranteed. A simple reason behind this is that these bikes are designed in such a manner that the rider faces no inconvenience whatsoever. The Activa bike, be it 6G or 125, they are pretty smooth to ride and will make no compromise in terms of comfort, even if the journey is going to be a long one. 

Good Return Value 

This might sound strange to you, but it is indeed true that when you buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore, you will get a good return value for the same. This happens because when someone purchases a new bike, the rate of depreciation is pretty high then. Even in a matter of months, the bike can lose a significant percentage of its value. And when the period is 3-4 years, the value goes all the way down to 40-50%. So, when you are buying the bike, you are already getting it at a much lower price. Now, even if you sell the bike after a couple of years, its depreciation will not be the same as it was before, and you will get a good return on it. 

Low Insurance Premium

Now that the second hand Activa model you have bought does not have the value as it was before, the cost of insuring is not that high either. So, when you opt for insuring the bike, the premium amount is going to be much lesser. 

These are some of the reasons why you should buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore. There are many other benefits but the important point is that you have to make sure it is in the right condition to justify the above-mentioned points. Once that is the case, you are sure to benefit from your second hand Activa.