Vehicles are an important means of transportation. They play a vital role in improving the communication, tourism, and economy of a country. For best results, it is important that you finest vehicles composed of high-grade automobile parts. 

Talking specifically about tyres, they play a major part in the working and efficiency of a vehicle. But the biggest question that arises here is where to get the best tyres from. Well, in this article we will let you know about the best shop to get online tyres from.

Dubai Tyre Shop

An introduction to Dubai Tyre Shop

Dubai Tyre Shop is an online store that has been providing the best quality tyres for years, in Dubai. The best thing about this store is that it offers a wide range of tyres from the most popular brands. This store has gained the trust of many people by keeping their promise of maintaining the best standards of quality within the most reasonable price range.

Why Dubai Tyre Shop?

  • They prioritize quality over everything else.
  • They have the most affordable price ranges.
  • They provide products from 41 different brands.
  • They have tyres in various categories.

Extra services that they provide

  1. You can take their professional assistance to know your car tyre size.
  2. They offer to install your tyres at your preferred timings. 
  3. You can choose any of their fitting centres to get your tyres installed.

What type of tyres do they have?

You can look for a wide variety of tyres on their store and choose the one that you find most suitable. The type of car tyres that they offer are as following:


  • All-Season Tyres


These all-season tyres are best for both dry and wet seasons. The versatility of these tyres helps you to drive safely no matter what is the weather outside.

  1. Winter Tyres

These winter tyres have the best working to tackle with snow and rain. The construction of these tyres is kept soft for better gripping on wet roads.

  1. Summer Tyres

These summer tyres are most popular for showing best results in hot and dry weather conditions. They have excellent dry and wet traction for maximum efficiency.

Brands they have

They offer tyres from various brands including Accelera Tyres, AchillesTyres, Radial Tyres, Arroyo Tires, Atlas Tires, Atturo Tyres, BF Goodrich Tires, Bridgestone Tyres, Continental Tyres, Cooper Tires, Deestone Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Falken Tyres, Nitto Tyres, Firestone Tyres, Nexen Tyres, Nankang Tyres, General Tire, Good Ride Tyres, Michelin Tyres, Good Year Tyres, Maxxis tyres, Habilead Tyres, Marshal Tyres, Hankook Tyres, Mastercraft Tires, Kenda Tires, Lexani Tyres, Kumho Tyren, Landsail Tyres, Otani Tyres, Pearly Tyres, Pirelli Tyres, Riken Tyres, Roadstone, Seam Tyre, Sumitomo Tyres, Thunderer Tyres, Toyo Tires, Yokohama Tyres and Zeetex Tyres.

How to contact Dubai Tyre Shop?

Contact numbers

  • +971 5562 69517
  • +971 54420 4322


If you want to buy car tyres, Dubai online tyre shop is the best place to buy from. Do not worry about the quality of the tyres as they offer warranties too. Go visit their online store and see their special offers if you want to buy car tyres within the most reasonable prices.