Car safety and comfort configuration:soft close doors

Close the car door vigorously will make people feel uncomfortable.

May even leave a bad impression, misunderstanding, etc.We do not explore the source of this habit, since the habit has made people feel uncomfortable, it is time to change it.

Intelligent soft close doors are a comfort and safety feature

commonly found in luxury cars. When the door is not closed, the

door will automatically suction until completely closed.

The purpose of this feature is:

1. Closing the door does not require a lot of force, a gentle push

can be automatically sucked closed, increasing the comfort, but also make the closing action elegant.

2.The safety risk will increase  without fully closed doors,there is

no need to worry after install electric suction door

3.The doors can close automatically, which means the owner does not

have to repeatedly open and close the doors to make sure if they are have closed.

4. Assuming that passenger is unable to close the door, such as children or the elderly, they just simply close the door and the system will take over the rest of the work. This is also quite convenient for female owners, who just need to gently close the door to show their ladylike style

5.Slamming the door is too heartbreaking, but electric suction doors

can reduce this situation. I believe that all car owners will feel the heartache of seeing others flinging their doors hard when they get out of their cars. Your own car is treated so violently. With the electric suction door is different, as long as gently brought on the automatic suction closed. Both save the force, but also to protect the car.

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