Common Causes of Vehicle’s Air Conditioner system and Some Troubleshooting Tips

The air conditioning system is an integral part of a vehicle. The AC system performs a crucial role in cooling the inside of the vehicle. For that reason, it’s important to ensure you enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable journey by providing the vehicle with timely maintenance. In case your car’s AC is experiencing any issues and isn’t working well, you need to consult a voltaic auto electrical & air conditioning expert to help in getting it serviced immediately.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your vehicle is but if its AC system isn’t working properly, passengers wouldn’t feel any comfort. Therefore, an immediate repair for the various AC problems ought to be performed to avoid any sorts of inconveniences. Below, find some common causes of the AC system and some troubleshooting tips.

Blockage and debris

It’s very important to check the vehicle’s condensing unit for any debris and blockage regularly. To experience adequate airflow, it ought to be free from any sorts of blockage and rubbish.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

This is another common reason why many people experience an improperly functioning system. Low refrigerant levels cause reduced efficiency of the air conditioner by contributing to its overheating and untimely breakdown of the compressor. If the level of refrigerant is lower than the needed level, your system won’t work in an efficient way. In case its refrigerant level is low, that will be a good indication of a leak within the system that requires immediate repair. Ensure that you don’t add refrigerant until you have the leak identified and repaired.

Blockage in filters

Blockage in filters is as well responsible for the poor functioning of a vehicle’s AC system. If the filters become blocked due to the accumulation of dirt, the level of performance of the system will definitely decrease.

Short Cycling or Unusual sounds

Regular check-up of the compressor is essential in preventing any sort of issue. Sometimes, it begins producing unusual sounds that can be an indication of future problems. There might be many reasons for the problem and seeing an expert will help a great deal.

It’s important to have some knowledge of how to troubleshoot a few of these problems. That will help you a lot to handle any emergency that might come your way. Below are some tips for you:


The first and fundamental step is to ensure that the thermostat has fresh batteries. Once you do that, the temperature of the thermostat ought to be below the room’s temperature.


If the fan of the AC isn’t working, you should check the availability of power first. Then the miniature circuit breakers and fuses in the AC have to be checked and if there’s an issue then it has to be fixed. If there’s a major issue in the miniature circuit breaker or in the fuse, it’s recommended that you visit a professional to have it fixed.


When checking the condenser, the selector switch has to be on cool mode and the fan has to be on the auto made. Once you have done the resetting of the condenser and it’s not working, it should then be replaced. You require looking for professional assistance to replace the condenser of the vehicle’s AC.

Freon Charge

There are two copper lines running adjacent to the condenser. The copper lines ought to be at a cool temperature if there’s no issue with the Freon charge. If the lines are warm, it shows that the AC is out of Freon charge. This issue generally arises due to the dirty filter as the clogged filter blocks the airflow making the systems unable to function effectively.

Condensate pump

The condensate pump of the AC is generally placed outdoors. Sometimes, an issue in the pump can cause the air conditioner to stop operating. If there’s water collected around the condensate pump, a professional will help you to fix the problem.

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with its AC system and you’re not able to fix them yourself, seeking the help of voltaic auto electrical & air conditioning professional will be the best option for you.