Drive with confidence and convenience with latest driving aids

Wheelchair vehicles give hope to the people with disabilities to sit behind the wheel with confidence. Regardless of the severity of your physical constrain the more responsible you will be on road the more the road will be safe for all. The most important rule of using the road is to drive to avoid accidents and reduce the risks of causalities. With the effective, ease to operate and affordable high tech driving controls you can enjoy each ride on road and enhance safety manifold. Driving aids of reputable brand such as MPD, MPS, Sure-Grip, DriveMaster and Menox can work seamlessly with all types of models of full-size van, minivan, pick-up truck, SUV and converted car.

Effortless operation

High tech driving controls enable people with disabilities to drive and control the accelerator, steering and brake with their upper body and eliminate the need of use of legs for driving. If you have limited mobility then before installing any driving controls read the reviews of the product on reliable forum and then take informed decision. Some of the leading high tech driving controls which can change your perception of driving with ease are

  • PGB Power Gas and Brake
  • RESS Remote Electric Steering System
  • PROXIMA Tablet Touch Screen Console
  • VAS Visual/Audible Scan System
  • GEN II (Modified Effort Electric Steering System)
  • VEESS (Variable Effort Electric Steering System)

Experience the difference

Over the past few years, the reputable mobility equipment manufacturers are coming up with driving aids of various types such as hand controls, steering aids, left foot gas pedal, etc. so that each disabled individual can live an independent life without any assistance. Moreover, small installation such as transfer seat, wheelchair lift, etc. can make you more self-dependent.

Trust the best

Before going for new vehicle, rent, service or installation evaluate of their reputation and credibility of the dealer and then proceed accordingly.