Driving With Disabilities

You often ask if it is possible to drive when we have some disability, so we have decided to make a post to explain what to do and what type of adaptations there are and what aspects must be taken into account. I just changed cars with a wheelchair loader, and I have been investigating all the possible options, so I hope this post can help you dispel any doubts you may have.

Removable Seat

In addition to adapting the controls for driving, there is the possibility of adapting the seats; that is, seats can come out of the car to facilitate the transfer from our chair. Even now, it is possible to drive from our wheelchair in certain vehicles without having to transfer to the car seat. Of course, it cannot be done in all vehicles or with all wheelchairs. This system is recent and has just been approved by a particular brand, with whom you can contact if you need more information.

Can Anyone Drive An Adapted Car?

Of course. All adaptations can be easily deactivated when a driver is a non-disabled person. There is usually a button or lever that activates or deactivates the adaptation system so that the car can be used in the same family by all members, whether or not they have disabilities.

What types of accommodation are there if I don’t drive?

There are different types of technical aids that allow access to the vehicle with a wheelchair. In this case, it is essential to choose the vehicle to be used well, and, in most cases, it is necessary to lower its floor to gain height in the passenger compartment. Before buying one, it is convenient to speak with specialists who will tell us which vehicle best suits our needs.

Van With A Lowered Floor

For access, there is the possibility of placing mechanical ramps. Someone must “push” the chair to access the interior or lifting platforms that allow us to climb autonomously or at least without anyone having to “push.”

The adaptation of these vehicles, such as vans or similar, not only consists of access but also the anchoring of the wheelchair inside the vehicle. Remember that once inside, our chair must be well secured to avoid falls and provide us with complete safety. When possible, I prefer to transfer to the vehicle’s seats, but that is not always possible.

Other Types Of Help.

There are also other types of technical aids, such as cranes that insert the wheelchair (up to a weight of 180 kg) in the trunk or the vehicle’s rear. This option allows the user to drive from the driver’s seat, and it is the crane that inserts the chair or scooter into the car.