Features of the mid-size pickup truck: 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport

The 2019 honda fresno Ridgeline Sport is a hybrid of a car and a truck, which gives a smooth ride like a car along with the utilities of a truck. This mid-size pickup truck provides a comfortable ride with its spacious interior along with a dual-action tailgate, independent suspension, all-wheel drive, tri-zone automatic climate control system, easy parking and towing capacity.

  1. Comfortable

It is lower towards the ground, so boarding and getting off becomes easier for everyone. Its unibody frame makes for a weightless, smooth car-like ride. It allows for everyone to set the seat according to their comfort and still not let it come in the way of anyone else.

  1. Space

The cabin crew space is quite plentiful and has enough leg and head room for just about everyone. The cargo bed is spacious enough for all adventurous camping rides and other tasks. It provides a comfortable ride even when heavily loaded.

  1. Tailgate

The dual-action tailgate adds to the convenience as it can be opened like a conventional tailgate and also works as a door. It is quite helpful depending on what you need to carry in the cargo bed. With its bed speakers, it allows for even more enjoyable tailgate parties.

  1. Suspension

Its independent suspension with an all-wheel drive is what makes for a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. It is through this feature that it gives less of a rocky truck-like feel and more of a smooth car-like ride.

  1. Interior

It is spacious on the inside and has a cushy car-like interior. With its responsive steering wheel, you don’t have to be concerned about where the pickup truck is heading, as it is just where you need it to be. The comfortable seats and the advanced technology used make for a luxurious interior and the quality materials give a look of sophistication to its otherwise robust exterior.

  1. Safety

It has many safety features including overhead, front-impact and side-impact airbags, stability control, traction control, brake assist, automatic headlights, blind-spot information system with cross-traffic monitor, collision detection braking system, lane-keeping assist system, lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

  1. Climate control system

Its tri-zone automatic climate control system provides zones for driver, front passenger and rear passengers. It is convenient to use in all weather conditions and it automatically adjusts the humidity to prevent the windshield from fogging. You can easily get equipped with the functionality of this system.

  1. Parking

Its convenient size allows for easy parking as compared to full-size trucks. Hence, it provides the advantages of a truck without the concern of its bulky structure and a rough ride.

  1. Towing capacity

It provides a towing capacity of 3500 pounds for Ridgeline 2WD and 5000 pounds for Ridgeline TWD. It might seem less compared to full-size trucks but it fits well in the mid-size truck range.

These features tell you why considering the 2019 Honda Ridgeline when looking for a used mid-size truck in Fresno might be a good option to think about.