Job Opportunities and Great Places to Live in South Florida

South Florida is popular for sun and sand. It is progressing in terms of economy, industry, technology, and employment opportunities. You can start a career because South Florida is multicultural and is a business hub filled with global entrepreneurs, creative minds, and urban pioneers. It is a great place to start new projects and budding talents can get innovative, learn new skills, explore different avenues and experiment with something different. 

With lots of job opportunities, a great lifestyle, and a better climate can help you build a great career. After you determine to move to South Florida get familiar with areas you can live. Miami-Dade County comprises 34 cities, Palm Beach County includes 39 cities, and Broward County boasts 24 cities. It is more challenging to discover the right place to reside.

  • For the best city experience – Downtown Miami has flourished just like New York. It has new condos, stores, restaurants, active pedestrian life, and the best public car transport. If you reside in this big-city environment, you can enjoy Adrienne Arsht center, Broadway Shows, and go on a cruise from Miami Port.
  • For rural living – If you are fed up with city life then there are new homes in Homestead that are 30 miles on the Southside of Miami. The lifestyle is slow but you will find plenty of farms close by that grow fruits and vegetables. The art scene is fledging and the Biscayne and Everglades National Park add a Florida vibe to this rural environment.
  • For family-friendly suburbs – An area with good education facilities and safe surroundings to raise children as well as suits your budget then Plantation [Broward County] is your best option. There are many homes, apartments with pools, and other amenities. Coral Springs is also another city in Broward County offering family-friendly needs and environment. 
  • For retirees – Many people can retire to South Florida’s Miami-Dade County. You will even find senior citizens residing in single-family homes and condos across Palm Beach and Broward County. 
  • Near the beach – You can find homes within walking distance from Pompano Beach. It is a budding small city with redevelopment plans. It has a pier and waterfront restaurants that give a small-town beach vibe. 
  • In a gay community – In South Florida, Wilton Manor is the main location for the lesbian and gay community. It is a great location because of its proximity to the beach and Fort Lauderdale. 
  • Charming Cosmopolitan area – Coral Gables was built in the 1920s including Spanish-style architecture suitable for the lifestyle and climate of South Florida. The city takes pride in its pedestrian lifestyle, tree-lined streets, Wide Boulevard, and beautiful parks. The University of Miami is in Coral Gables, where you will be able to hear many languages besides English. 

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