Kevin Muttschall saved the season from the stunt show in the global Village

All drivers were extensively trained for the best stunt show in the world today, by legend Terry Grant, holder of a Guinness record for driving a Jaguar F-Pace on a spectacular lap of death through the longest “Loop” in the world. , a loop of 19.5 meters. In fact, the driver managed to break his own record during an event in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Through a six-month run of live shows, Kevin Muttschall was the only driver who managed to run 600 death laps with his car without any accidents or concerns, just a few normal annoyances in this activity.

During the same season, three drivers were eliminated; the first one left directly in the first tests of the loop and made several laps of the campaign with the cars sinister. Fortunately, the pilot Cristian Díaz only got away with some scratches.

Andrea Ponticelli after a month of work had to fly back to Italy for medical check-ups for neck problems. Since the impact of the entrance of the Luping is like a straight wall.

And the penultimate rider that was Nicolas Fava was eliminated alone as he got a good scare.

This ends a season in which Muttschall offered 600 shows without accidents, which also represents an achievement worthy of a Guinness World Record ™, but which would be difficult to certify since it is impossible for an official adjudicator to remain for six months evaluating the Record attempt since it must be broken in a single day.