Know the Importance of Your Car’s Health

Cars are like humans, how you treat and feed them impacts how they function. It is important to have annual car servicing, there are a lot of things that drivers can do every day. This is to make sure their cars operate and is healthy. After buying a car, the last thing you want is the cost and hassle of having to finish the preventable repair. This is where Pedders will be a great help in maintaining your car’s functions well.

All about Pedders Suspension & Brakes Business

Pedders Suspension & Brakes is known as Australia’s No.1 Brake, Steering & Suspension Specialist. Roy Pedder in Melbourne, Australia established this in 1950. For almost 70 years, they have been functioning as a family-owned Australian company. Specializing in distribution, manufacturing, design, and fixture of aftermarket under car parts.  They have an international distribution network that operates across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. They also provide service and support to other brands in Australia.

Pedders supplied Solutions to Military Customers

Pedders Defense is handled by an elite-level specialist engineering team. They are experts in defense, mining, and armored vehicle under-car solutions. Their precisely crafted suspension and brake products are suited for the purpose. And manufactured to the last in challenging environments. Pedders can provide a bespoke solution based on the defense application. Their extensive product offers coil springs, shock absorbers, leaf springs, coil-overs, and brake components.

Know the importance of your car’s health

  • Safety

Driving around with flat or bald tires, a smoky exhaust, ineffective wiper blades, or a cracked windscreen. It doesn’t only make your car unsafe and make driving difficult. And also boost the chances of having an accident or even personal injury. There are a lot of basic maintenance and car safety checks you can perform such as:

  • Check the wear on your tires by using the wear indicators. And making sure they are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • After 6 months to a year old, replacing wiper blades when it is skipping, squeaking, or streaking water across the windscreen.
  • Ensuring there is enough coolant in the radiator by checking the oil level
  • Checking the brake lights, headlights, and turning signals are properly working
  • Value

Cars that are free of damage and are well maintained will keep their value much more. Compared to those who are not serviced regularly or treated poorly. This is necessary not only for the new or more expensive cars, yet also for older cars.

  • Costs

Have your car regularly serviced, whether it’s through a dealership or an independent mechanic. Since it can prevent further expense, even for the modern cars. It is better to fix and diagnose a problem early, compared to waiting until it leads to more issues.

These few points will show why the health of your car is necessary. That’s why Pedders help you to maintain your car safe and healthy.