Ship your Car at the Most Affordable Price When You are Relocating to a Different State

If you are relocating and want to move your vehicle from one state to another, you must be wondering if it will get too expensive or will it damage your vehicle? However, there are many affordable and safe ways to ship the vehicle. 

If you are wondering, what is the cheapest way to ship a car? Try Ship a Car, Inc. Their large carrier networks can move your vehicle anywhere around the states. Easy service from door-door pick up and drop and vehicle protection coverage are some features that add value to their services. 

What can you do to reduce the shipping cost?

If factors affecting the shipping cost are not taken into account diligently, the transport could end costing a lot. In order to minimize the extra and unnecessary expenses, one must:

  • Get quotes from more than 1 transport broker to know a competitive market price, and compare and select the cheapest of all. 
  • Open vehicle carrier would cost you half than what you would pay for an enclosed one. 
  • Do not ask the carrier driver to come to a remote location while picking up or delivering. Instead, drive yourself to a convenient location and save a big premium that you would otherwise pay. 
  • Ship your car during off seasonal months, mainly the winter season to ensure lowest shipping charges. 
  • Invest in more time, search for licensed, insured, reputed transport carriers, and call them directly instead of including brokers in the process. This will save all extra commission. However, you will have to coordinate everything yourself.  
  • Strict delivery schedules ask for a premium. If you have more relaxed time frame in hand, you can save more money. 
  • For short distance shipping, use a tow truck rather than a transport carrier. 
  • You can hire professional drivers to drive your car to the destination; you will need to pay for gas expenses and a return ticket for the driver though. 
  • Ask your transport carrier to deliver your car to their convenient terminal yards from where you can pick up. They will charge you less if they don’t have to do a door delivery. 

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Essential factors you need to check before choosing a car transport company

There are numerous transport companies on the internet. You need to make sure that you are choosing a reliable one as your expensive vehicle will be with them for many days or months. Make sure that the transport broker or carrier company:

  • Are federally licensed under the transportation regulation of the state. 
  • Possess an authentic motor carrier number displayed on their website. 
  • Are ready to compensate for excessive delays. 
  • Provide vehicle damage coverage, for any damage occurring during the transit. 
  • Easily available on all days of the week.

Hiring a transport broker is however the best deal because it saves you a lot of effort and shipping time. They will provide you door pick-up and delivery. You will be informed regularly about your vehicle’s whereabouts.