Symptoms That Show Your Car Needs an Oil Change

A car is comprised of many components that work together to make it move. But in them there are some elements that contribute largely to make this movement smoother and maintain an overall good health of the car mechanisms.

The engine oil is one such component that the car needs to keep all its engine related parts well lubricated. This is required to make the components of the engine function properly, as they are located too near to each other. The engine oil that runs through these parts creates a barrier of a thick film that help them avoid friction. So, that proves the point how these parts will react, when there is not enough lubrication present.

The same will happen when the engine oil gets contaminated. The dust and debris collected over a period of time will prevent the oil from flowing smoothly which will create the same issues of friction among the parts resulting into overheating, explained the mechanical experts of the Morganton oil change department.

They further informed us about the symptoms that show the car needs an urgent oil change.

Check Engine Light

The car is a complicated and complex machine that communicates with the users by sending alerts for different issues it faces. The alerts usually appear on the dashboard through various lights indicating the status of a particular component. The check engine light is one such indicator that is meant to get turned on normally with all other lights, whenever a car is key started. But if it stays turned on, it is informing you about a potential trouble in the engine sector. Depending upon the severity of the problem, the check engine light will either stay illuminated or keep blinking, till the issue is solved. In most cases, it is seen that an oil change alone could address the problem.

Engine Making Knocking Sound

It is the engine oil which is meant to create a protective layer between all the engine parts, so that there are no metal-to-metal clashes between the parts. This way not only the engine parts stay cool but also work quietly. When the engine oil fails to serve its duty and the parts get exposed to each other barely, their frictions make the sound that you get to hear as soon as you start the engine. So, it is evident that an oil change is overdue, if you hear such sounds.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Every car is meant to have a certain fuel efficiency. But that depends on several conditions, among which a fresh and free flowing engine oil is a must. So, a car might start losing its fuel efficiency, if the engine oil running under the hood is the same for more than 3,000 miles or a period more than three months. So, if you need to stop at the pump station too often than usual, and your car is refusing to cross as much miles as it used to travel earlier with a full tank, known that you might have skipped the oil changing session, warned the mechanics who offer oil change service in Morganton.