The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Car Insurance

When it comes to buying an insurance policy for a car, a lot of car owners feel somewhat confused about it; particularly if they are buying it for the first time. There are different insurance companies available to pick from. Likewise, each insurance company offers various types of policies. In order to eliminate such confusions, car owners usually seek advice from their friends, relatives, colleagues, and even insurance agents.

Once the downpour of advice and suggestions begins, things turn out to be more confusing for the car owner. This happens mainly due to the worst kind of advice they get about car insurance. There is no dearth of sources from where you might end up getting information about the bad types of approach.

So, what should be the right way in this case? Well, it is better to listen to the car insurance experts who have tons of experience in this field. We have jotted down a few examples of worst advice related to car insurance.

Go for the minimum insurance policy

Some car owners consider insurance policies as no more than a formality. They get a car insurance mainly to remain on the right side of the law. But, once a claim situation pops up, only then such car owners realize the importance of having a comprehensive insurance policy. When you go with the most minimum kind of car insurance policy, you get covered only for the liability. However, in most of the car accident cases, the liability often grows more than the limit mentioned in the car insurance policy. It means the policy will cover only a fraction of the amount you paid from your pocket.

Always opt for the cheapest rate

In the car insurance market, some companies would try to lure you with unusually low rates. You may also find many people and agents in support of such policies. But, if you end up choosing such a policy, chances are high that you will not get the best service or benefits. Wise customers always compare the price and the inclusions in the policies. So, it is not always about the price.

Driving a car without insurance is not a big deal

Yes, some people might tell you this kind of advice. They think it is okay to omit, and they would not get caught by the traffic police. Well, the traffic rules are getting stricter than before. If you are planning to take your car for a long drive, particularly to another Indian state, not carrying the insurance papers can prove to be quite a big issue. You don’t know when the authorities at the toll booth or at any checkpoint might ask you to show the insurance paper of your car. In such cases, if you fail to provide the necessary documents, you will end up paying a huge penalty.

It’s okay to manipulate your car insurer

When car owners make a claim to the insurance company, it is important that they should remain completely truthful. If you try to tweak the facts or try to manipulate the insurer, it is quite possible that your claim will not get accepted. Hence, you need to be honest about the facts, like who was driving the car when the incident happened; where the car was parked when it got stolen; etc.

Cancel your current car insurance policy if you come across a cheaper one

Usually, it is not a good decision to switch over to another policy, without discussing with your current agent. Rather than switching immediately, you must get in touch with your insurance agent and see if there is any possibility of an adjustment of rate on your current insurance policy. Companies often come up with various plans and schemes; so, you might become eligible to extra discounts; who knows!

Car insurance is just unnecessary

Well, life is quite unpredictable. Every hour many people get injured and some even die in road accidents in India. Car accidents are usually followed by huge expenses, in the form of car repair and medical bills. So, if you do not want to put your family into trouble, make sure you get a comprehensive car insurance policy from the best companies.

A few small lies can help you get lower premiums

When it comes to renewing your car insurance policy, you might come across such kind of advice. But, it is never a good move to play with the details of your car just to get a little lower premium rate. If you get caught someday, it will not only lead to the cancellation of the policy, but it is quite possible that no other insurance company would sell you their product.

So, those were some of the worst pieces of advice that you might stumble upon. Instead of listening to what others are saying, it is better to get in touch with an expert of insurance products, and stay on the right side.