Things To Consider When Look For A West Coast Towbars

Things To Consider When Look For A West Coast Towbars

Meticulously, if you want to look for West Coast towbars, you need to consider a few things. The foremost thing you need to choose is what kind of towbar you want to have fitted. There are three main types of bars in the market.


This kind of towbar has a tow ball bolted to the tow bar itself. It is visible at all times because it is fixed. These are generally available at affordable prices.

Swan Neck

This type seems better compared to the flange bar because the tow ball is combined on the neck of the towbar that reaches underneath the car; this towbar is visible the same as the flange.


There are various kinds of detachable towbars available, but all consist of similar features that they can remove when they are not in use. Many high-end owners select this type of towbar because it helps keep the aesthetic design of their car and allows additional functionality of a towbar when required.

Tow bar fitting options

Once you have chosen what sort of towbar best suits your demands, fitting the towbar to your car is the next thing to consider. All towbars need an electric kit; the higher your vehicle is, the higher the expenses to any damage to the car’s electrics. `

If you are involved in a real mess, your insurance association could write off your car. However, if you are not experienced with auto electrics, you must get a time-served tow bar fitter to fit the bar. Costs vary based on various factors, including:

  • Electrics option that you have been selected
  • Model and make of your car
  • Type of tow bar you are having adjuste

It is an excellent idea to speak with an adequate towbar fitter before buying your tow bar because they can advise you on electrics and the production and type of tow bat that will suit your requirements best.

Towbar Electrics

Choosing the sort of electrics you require. There are three sorts of electrics from which to pick. Electrics with 7 pins (single electrics), 12n/12s electrics (twin electrics), or 13 pins. The sort of electrics you will require will be determined mostly by the nature of what you intend to tow. Caravans and bike carriers require various electric kits. It then becomes more perplexing with the inclusion of bypass relays into the equation.

Purchase a robust towbar.

Although studies show that your towbar has minimal effect on the overall stability of your caravan equipment, there are additional safety concerns to consider. A snaking trailer would be the least of your worries if your tow bar breaks under tension or gets loose.

A multi-axle trailer improves the stability of your towbars.

A multi-axle trailer is more stable than a single-axle trailer. This is owing to greater resistance to events that may cause a trailer to shift course.

If you’re not hauling

It’s a good idea to remove your tow bar If you’re not towing. If your towbar obscures your license plate, you may be required by law to disconnect it while not pulling a trailer. Even though you are not compelled by law to remove your towbar, it is typical for individuals to catch their shins on towbars that have been left attached (especially at night).

You can’t go back in time.

So keep an eye out for circumstances in which there is no turning back. If you don’t, you might have to disconnect your trailer from the tow bar and turn around (potentially in the middle of the road).

Before you go, double-check your towbar.

Some pranksters like removing towbar pins and other safety precautions to cause issues for the trailer and driver.

Purchase a tow bar stabiliser.

In addition to your West Coast towbar, you should invest in a strong stabiliser. A stabiliser controls movement at the point of articulation where your trailer or caravan connects to your vehicle. This might assist in preventing your trailer from slithering (swaying from side to side).