Top Trends First-Time Car & Accessory Buyers Need To Know

Buying your first car is always a memorable experience. After that, no matter how many cars, and no matter how expensive cars you buy, just like your first love, you always remember your first car.

Your first car should never be an impulse buying. Although, due to the sheer excitement involved, when it comes to buying your car for the first time, you feel as if you should be behind the steering wheel as fast as humanly possible, you should do some research and find out what are the latest trends among different car models and what sort of cars people are buying and what sort of cars people are not buying.

This advice may seem like a dampener, but thanks to the Internet, doing this sort of research is very easy and even if you spend a couple of hours carefully going through various reviews on renowned automobile websites and even on some blogs, you can find invaluable information on the top trends for first-time car buyers.

As a first-time car buyer, even when you purchase accessories for your car, you will be doing it for the first time.

Hence, just as you need to know about the trends of buying cars for the first time, it will also help you if you know the trends of buying car accessories for the first time.

Listed below are some top trends you must keep in mind when buying your car or your car accessories for the first time.

An increasing number of people are buying electric or hybrid cars

Call it a fad or a genuine concern for the environment, a greater number of people these days are buying electric cars or hybrid cars.

As the name tells you, electric cars run on electricity. They’re supposed to reduce your carbon footprint because you don’t use fossil fuels, but it’s debatable, because even the electricity that you use, is generated using fossil fuels.

Nonetheless, it is being projected that by 2021, there will be 2 million electric cars on the road in the US and by 2030; the number may increase to 18 million. An AAA survey has revealed that as many as 40 million Americans may consider buying an electric car as their 2nd car purchase.

The Tesla Company is manufacturing top-of-the-class electric cars. Hence, if you want your first-time car to be eco-friendly, or even a bit different, you may consider going for an electric car.

There are some good offers available due to Covid-19

Fewer people are buying cars due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Some are simply holding back because right now they have no reason to be on the roads. There is almost a 50% drop in the purchase of cars and trucks in the US.

It may not be true for all car dealers, but some car dealers are ready to cut some slack as an incentive and are offering easy loan options, in many cases, even 0% loan options for buying cars.

As a first-time car buyer, this may be quite helpful for you. Some car dealers are also throwing in extra accessories, for example, car floor mats, free of cost with new cars. This can help you save money as a first-time car buyer.

Just be careful that you sanitize yourself and your car as much as possible and follow the social distancing rules.

It is fine to have multiple options in mind, not knowing which model to go for

You will be surprised to know that most of the first-time car buyers, even 2nd or 3rd time car buyers are often unsure of which car to buy. As much as 6/10 people are not sure.

Hence, if you are having the same feelings, don’t feel awkward. It is alright if you don’t know which the best model is for you. Spend ample amounts of time researching or talking to people.

If you talk to a dealer he or she is obviously going to sell which is the best deal for him or her, so, talk to your friends, your cousins, your siblings, anyone you know and trust.

52% car shoppers are uncomfortable at the dealership

Says this report, which should reassure you if you feel a bit worried that you will be ambushed by the dealer or the salesperson once you enter a dealership outlet and you may end up buying the wrong car for yourself.

What does this mean? That you are not in a minority if you feel uneasy about entering a car dealership.

You should be mentally prepared that the salesperson is going to try to sell you a deal that is profitable to him or her, although many salespersons talk to you as if they have got your best interest in the heart. It is fine if you walk out of the dealership without buying a car. 

You don’t have to buy it immediately. They may even threaten you with a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity that you may regret in life if you miss it, don’t worry, they have this “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for every customer, every day.

More people are buying tailor-made car floor mats even as a first-time accessory buyer

As a first-time car buyer, you may not consider buying car floor mats as seriously as someone who has gone through the ordeal of getting the car flooring and the carpeting spoiled within a few weeks. 

Your car floor, especially the area under your feet, begins to get dirty and damaged as soon as you start using your car. Hence, this is the part of your car that you must protect even before you start using your car.

You will be getting inside your car from all sorts of places. It may be raining or snowing outside. You may have stepped into a puddle.

There may be lots of dust where you have been walking. Someone may spill a beverage like tea, coffee, juice or cold drink on your car carpeting. A small kid may do something that small kids often do. The point is, the car flooring may get spoiled before even that new car smell begins to fade.

Since people share such experiences on blogs and social media websites, more first-time car buyers are aware of the importance of buying accessories like car floor mats. 

3D and 5D car floor mats are available that are custom made. They perfectly fit under your feet according to the curves of your floor area.

They have raised corners to stop the liquid from flowing under the seats. The best part is, if you spill something over them, if they become dirty and smelly, you can immediately take them out and wash them.