Tyre selection should always a high priority for your safety


summer tyres

When selecting new tyres for your vehicle you always need to pay sufficient time that you can ensure that you get tyres that provide both excellent safety for your vehicle and adds the performance that you want from your vehicle. Some drivers just keep buying the same brand and model that was already on the vehicle when they purchased it and they keep doing that. It isn’t always a bad strategy, but of course tyres improve over time and newer and improved models are being launched. You therefor want to ensure that you benefit from the latest tyre technologies that have been launched.

In addition, most vehicles are sold with summer tyres on the vehicle and if it is winter, they will sell you a set of winter tyres and mount them before you leave the car outlet. If it is summer, you might add the winter tyres at a later stage. The winter tyres are not the standard that comes with your car, so they are not the ones for which the car has been optimized for. So even for the first set of winter tyres, you might have to do your own research to find out which tyres would be the best for your vehicle.

On the internet there is a lot of information and forums where you can find information and chat with other people in the same situation and learn from their experiences. This should help you to find out more about different tyres and how well they perform on your specific vehicle. It is important to notice that not all the tyres are recommended for electric vehicles so if you have one you need to find the tyres that are recommended for that use.

Use the different tyre tests that are done by independent organizations or magazines to see how the tyres compare against each other’s. You can then also learn which tyre brands tend to place high up on the tests. Not all the tests will be important for you and for your driving, so it is often good to dissect the tests and learn where the tyres tested good and where they tested bad.

Combining information with the EU tyre label that comes with every tyre that is sold within the EU you can also make sure that you optimize the tyres based on driving comfort, energy consumption and safety. This works at least very well for the summer tyres, as the tests are carried out within the temperature range of summer tyres, so it isn’t always representable for winter tyres. For both winter and summer tyres, you do however want to have very low rolling resistance which impacts the fuel consumption. For the summer tyres the wet grip is important, while for winter tyres you want to make sure that you have excellent grip on snow and ice. This cant however be found on the EU tyre label, so here you have to rely on the tyre tests and how well they performed there.

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