Veritas Global Protection offers cost savings on auto repairs  

According to AAA, car maintenance can run anywhere between $750 per year and well north of $1000 a year (and sometimes a whole lot more than that) – and that’s without having to worry about any emergency repairs or severe problems with your vehicle!

A big part of the attraction in purchasing brand-new vehicles is that they are supposed to be in better condition off the assembly line. They also come with a warranty that eliminates the headache and hassle of paying out-of-pocket for repairs.

But what about when your warranty runs out?

Or when you’ve purchased a previously owned vehicle with no extra protection at all?

Thankfully, Veritas Global Protection and its Auto Repair Service contracts are there to help you.

Smart Service Contracts to Protect Your Bank Account

One of the industry leaders in the service contract business, Veritas Global Protection, provides a range of smart service contracts that protect customer bank accounts (and pocketbooks).

Average maintenance costs can get really expensive, but when you start to factor in emergency automotive repair on major components like the engine, the suspension system, or the drive train, things can add up in a big way.

However, with a Veritas Global Protection auto service contract, those massive expenses aren’t going to cripple your finances the way they would have without any protection at all!

Low Deductibles and Out of Pocket Costs

Instead of having to worry about substantial out-of-pocket costs and sky-high deductibles (like you might have had to pay without a service contract), Veritas makes it really easy – and really inexpensive – to give you the peace of mind and protection you need should your vehicle have to be repaired later down the line.

There are smart contracts and protection plans available to fit every conceivable need, every kind of vehicle on the road today, and any budget imaginable.

At the end of the day, after all, this company is all about making sure that people are safe and protected not only behind the wheel of their vehicle while going down the road but from the extreme financial burdens surprise automotive issues can place upon them.

(Almost) Effortless Claims Process

Finally, customers are always happy to know that Veritas Global Protection has a straightforward and streamlined claims process that gets customers auto repair help ASAP.

From start to finish there are clear and open lines of communication, and individual case officers work with each client and each claim, and nothing gets “lost in the shuffle.”

Veritas is very serious about making sure that customers are always well taken care of, maintaining total transparency from start to finish, and fulfilling their service contract obligations, too.

After all, this is one of the most reliable and reputable service contract companies in the business today – one that drivers all over the country trust and rely on to help them better secure their vehicle and their financial future.