Warning Signs of Car Battery Failure       

When your car battery is about to fail, it will send you some warning signs so that you can take precautionary measures and avoid getting stagnated at the middle of the road. A known source of us who run the center of Barstow battery test, helped us in knowing our car better, especially regarding the batteries. So we now know how to deal with battery problems better, and when we must not delay in replacing it.

Engine Cranking Low

The first sign that your battery might not be in good health is that it will show a slow cranking of the engine, when to attempt to start the vehicle. It may give you a sluggish response and can take longer to startthan normal.

Check Engine Light will Turn On

If the battery of your car is low, it will trigger the check engine light on the dashboard. Though it is mostly an indication for the engine faults, a low battery is also included in the list since it causes failure in the ignition system.

LowFluid Level in the Battery

Car batteries usually have a part that’s translucent and it is of the casing through which you can always keep an eye on the fluid level of the battery. If the fluid level goes below the optimum level denoted by the lead plates, know that it is time to get the battery and its charging system tested.

Battery Case Swollen or Bloated

If the car battery casing looks swollen up or bloated, it happens due to excessive heat that is also responsible for decreasing the lifespan of the car battery.

Battery Leakage

Batteries in vehicles can start leaking and can cause corrosion around the terminals.In such cases, the gunk is to be removed or else, it might stop the car from starting itself.


A car battery can only last well till three years, and in some cases even beyond  but, that needs a constant care and careful driving habits. But in most cases, the batteries tend to die if it is more than three years old.

How Can a  Full Charged Battery Drain Out Overnight

The battery inside the car is responsible for running many features, which we are not really counting. So, if you leave the car door or headlights turned on overnight, no doubt it will drain out all the charge of the car battery in one shot. It is so because, when the car door remains open, many other systems that too run on the battery too stay turned on, like the dashboard lighting, the indicators, the interior cabin light, and the like.Another most common way that a car battery can drain out overnight is by leaving a power adapter plugged in, especially with a device attached to it. You need careful car battery installation seminole fl to ensure it maintaines it performance over time.

Sometimes the car battery can also drain overnight if there is any fault in the electrical components or in the wiring. If you don’t find anything you’ve left on, and still the car battery has drained out, we would recommend you to visit a place like the center of Barstow battery replacement.