What are the signs that indicate that it’s time to change your bike tire?

Your motorcycle’s tire is one of the most important parts of your bike. It balances the total weight of the bike, like legs for humans and the tire for a bike. If you maintain your tire well then it ensures the great performance, good ride quality and longevity. Not only performance it also assures that the rider is not at any risk. The passion pro old model has the best quality tire for high performance. As the tire is a rubber part without exception it is also prone to wear and tear. In order to accept better performance, it is mandatory to have routine maintenance. Your tires by itself indicate you with some signs that it is facing problems. Here are some signs that the tire shows you.

Wear of the tire

Wear is a common sign that clues that your bike tire can no longer be into use. To indicate this, in the sidewall of the tire manufacturers put a tire wear indicator mark. This mark has a triangular arrow which indicates the further wear level after which the tire should not be used. It is a time to change your tire when the curved surface of the tire wears level up to the TWI mark.

Uneven tread wear

It needs attention even when the tire is not worn out completely.  The shape of the tire means a lot to decide that the tire can able to withstand for future use or not. The tire gets worn out from the centre portion of the tread this is called squarish wear of the tire. This is the most common uneven wear form the tire has. Hero splendor ismart 110 review states that the tire of this can last for long.

Scalping or cupping of the front tire

This is another form of common uneven wear that happens in the front tire. The tire gets worn along the length of the tread in this condition. This may lead to handling and stability issues which are highly dangerous. Cupping also depends more on the set up of poor suspension. So at once, you saw your bike tires getting cupped from the sides so it is time to change a new tire. Before deciding, just get proper suspension through service and check.

Lots of cuts and punctures

If your tire is carrying out lots of cuts and punctures in it then it has to be changed on priority. As such damages could make it unfit for further usage. Your ride quality and performance of your bike can get hampered by making uneven contact patchness. Because of riding the bike with the tire which has more cuts and punctures.

Age of your tire

There exists another factor even if your tire is not having any cuts or worn, that is its age. The age of the tire determines the future usability of the tire. Mostly it is recommended by the tire manufacturers to not to use the tire for more than 5 years. Because the oils present in the rubber could evaporate over a period by making the tire to harden up.

The above-mentioned details are some important signs that your tire indicates that it’s time to invest in a new tire, have a note to it and have a safe ride.