What To Know Before Choosing Rain Repellent For Windshields

While many drives would love to abstain from driving night, it is almost impossible to elude. Therefore, it is paramount to have a coating. If you want to use a Ceramic  nano coating, then you would be using nano-technology. Keenly there are different types of windshield repellent. Here is an overview of the most reliable ones:

Nano technology-based

This type of windshield has the highest form of life span in that it has a superiority combination that makes it stay longer in on the surface where it is applied. Though this is the most durable, it is more challenging to install and use. Thus, the user needs to be more careful in order not to cause damages during application. However, it helps to protect against freezing and all.

Fluorinated based 

This type of windshield comes with a form of a prepackaged applicator package for ease of use. This is meant to make it easier for users to have a long-lasting coating. However good this could be, it is difficult to apply as the prepackaged applicator could affect the paint of the car. It works perfectly by hypothesizing the functionality of your vehicle through the applicator. Under this is rain repellent. 


This type serves as a repellent for water. It is multifunctional in that it helps to recover the visibility of the headlights in the dark. It is easy to use. One thing about this is to be careful about it and never to think it would last longer. Thus, if this will be used, there will be a need for reapplication –why it is silicone-based.

Tips to know before choosing a rain repellent for windshields

Apart from the explanation given above, the fluorinated is the focus. Thus, in making a choice, the below are things to consider before making a choice:

  • The type of wiper blade so that it will not scratch the surface with time and reapplication processes 
  • Consider visibility, to check whether it is visible, or if otherwise, it would react to rain, thus affecting the car vision.
  • Check for the compatibility of glass and type of repellent, as a rain repellent could be blurry if the wrong choice is made.
  • Consider which repellent on your list would help against corrosion.
  • The age of your glass does not affect the way the repellent works.

To make sure you are making the right choice, you can read up online reviews for rain repellents for windshields that you have on your list to see compatibility with your vehicle.