Why Pedestrian Accidents Happen


More people nowadays want to live a healthier and greener life. They have been opting to go out and walk, whether it be for health purposes, going to work, or just simply strolling around in the neighborhood.Not only is it a healthy option, but it can also help you save money that is usually spent on gas or other things. However, walking is not always the safest option because of all the pedestrian accidents happening. These accidents affect not only the victims but also their loved ones, which is why Abogados de daños personales Huntington Beach want to help more people be informed and stay safe.

Seventy thousand pedestrians get injured, and along with that, four thousand die in car accidents each year. A surprising fact is that most pedestrian accidents are caused by the pedestrians themselves and not just the drivers.  Here are some of the reasons why pedestrian accidents happen to help you know how you can avoid them and be safe on your daily walks. 

First of all, our generation today is mainly hooked on electronic devices whether it be our phones or tablets. This has led to both drivers and pedestrians texting and not looking at where they are going. The no texting rule should be implemented not just for drivers but for pedestrians as well.

The use of alcoholic substances is undoubtedly a contributor to pedestrian accidents as well, especially at night and on weekends. You may think that drunk driving is the reason and while it can be a factor, thirty-seven percent of fatally injured pedestrians have at least 0.8 percent blood alcohol concentrations.

Lastly, with more cities growing and the need for bigger roads increasing, highways and high-speed roads have been built. However, these roads are dangerous especially for places where there are big populations and more bus stops and sidewalks.

If you or someone you love, figures in an accident, contact Abogados de daños personales Laguna Beach.