Why the love for two-wheelers is high in India?

Cars and bikes are the daily mode of transport used for personal use all around the world. India is always known for its unique differences in lifestyle and culture from other countries. Same in the commuting facility as all around the world people use a car for their traveling but in here two-wheeler is the main source. You might wonder why as more than 3/4 people use bikes and scooters to go back and forth from work. Being a country with most of the population falling under middle class and lower-middle-class category the money comes the first deal to the choice.

But there are still many more reasons behind it and if we learn about them they are surely reasonable for the favoritism towards two-wheeler.


A country comprising with more than half of their population being youngsters studying and working we need to able to afford everybody space for personal transport. Affordability comes as a question mark here as with the price of one car four people in a home buy everyone a bike for their use. Without this level of usage, there wouldn’t be heavy competition for the best mileage bike in India 200cc or 100 ccs it might be it heads a lot than other countries. As with the living standard of middle-class people the best choice would be a two-wheeler.


From the insurance to the maintenance costs as the size of the vehicle increase the value of maintenance increases too. That is why many people even they can buy cars with the loan or EMI options they avoid it. A small damage in a car might cause severe issues and unlike two-wheelers, they can’t be moved to the place for repairs.

Fuel price:

Everybody knows this is a very valid point think about it a hero splendor plus 2019 model will give you a mileage of 80 KMPL but when it comes to a car it could never match up with it. This is one of the main reasons to think about it if a salaryman needs to travel daily 50km back and forth from work a car or bike which could save him lots of money. As when it comes to vehicles it’s not just about spending money it also adds up to saving money also.


The traffic on the roads of India is a well-known topic even outside the country as the number of vehicles is high. To travel through hectic traffics and take short routes to reach destinations on time easily a two-wheeler is the best choice either main city or outer area. You know that people often take small streets and shortcuts to destinations on time and a car could never do that.


A car might have a roof above it and can give us comfort but the flexibility and control a bike gives can never be replaced by a car. Think about it if you see a visible traffic emergency you can turn them quickly and move away.