Working With A Trusted Crane Parts SupplierĀ 

As someone who is part of the in-house crane management department, we share the responsibility of monitoring and managing this equipment for better stability and capacity. We do the job of tackling difficult job sites where cranes should operate. I could tell personally that such equipment can experience many problems in a single period. Therefore having a few crane parts at your disposal and ready for replacement is integral.

Downtime can be such a problem, and keeping up with the equipment operating at full capacity throughout the year is incredibly challenging. We often encounter these circumstances where crane inspection ends up in repair tasks, especially during heavy construction. A decent crane parts distributor or supplier in your nearby area or partnership is a lifesaver. Hence, such circumstances require drastic action and measures. We cannot afford to have more delays.

A problem with a crane can sometimes end in an accident or grim tragedy. In my experience, it is a ‘NO’ to operate without carefully inspecting if parts need replacement. Nevertheless, we have found a decent partnership with a crane parts supplier. Accessing crane spares immediately in a hassle-free way is something that we have sought for a long time. The difference is HUGE. Working with Shinko Crane has made it easier for us to handle crane maintenance and repairs with so much ease.

What we like about them is their:


Shinko Crane has been around, supplying crane parts since 1974. Experience matters to us since we want a supplier capable of delivering high-quality services in the industry. As someone who has quite experience with other distributors and suppliers, experience makes a difference in providing all we need.

Wide-Range of Crane Parts

They are well known in the industry for providing a wide range of crane spare parts with different merchandise, ranging from Hitachi to Nippon and Kato. Since we have a number of crane parts that have variations in manufacturers., we don’t have to look elsewhere. They are a one-stop shop that provides everything we need for replacement. Since then, I have not turned to other distributors or suppliers when I need crane spares.

Understanding Our Needs

I always look for other crane parts, depending on what is needed immediately or sooner. Since we have been working with them for almost a year, they already know what we are looking for in every maintenance and repair. Calling them is a hassle and a non-stressful experience whenever we are in need of something. They simply understand our needs.

Expertise and Friendly Staff

The staff in Shinko Crane were friendly and helpful in attending to our needs. They are easy to access and communicate with whenever we ask or make purchases with them. One can contact them immediately and expect a speedy response. Apart from their friendliness, they also exhibit expertise in knowing other issues and knowledgeable information about particular crane spares.

So far, everything seems well working with Shinko Crane, and we managed to make a number of transactions with them all throughout the year without any problem. Buying crane spare parts has never been easier and more pleasant, thanks to their service! I would recommend Shinko Crane for every crane spare need.