You Lost the Keys to Your Nissan – No Problem

Getting a replacement key for Nissan is not hard – but, it can be expensive. If you have a Nissan that was made before 1998, it might be possible to have a local auto parts store copy any existing key. After 1998, all Nissans used keys having or microchip or an internal transponder in it. Keys to those year’s vehicles usually need to be obtained from a Nissan dealership. You need your vehicle and personal identification. 

Steps involved

Step 1

You will need to find your vehicle identification number or VIN. If you look through the driver’s windshield, you will find a metal strip having the VIN embossed on it. It can also be found on:

  • Information sticker inside driver’s door
  • Registration paperwork
  • Insurance card

Step 2

With that number, you can call the Nissan dealership closest to you and ask for the parts department. Ask for information on a replacement key. It is usually ordered by using the VIN. You then need to take your registration, car title, and your proof of ownership to pick up the replacement key. This replacement for Nissan keys will usually cost you between $100 and $300 depending on the model and year of your car. In other words, a bit expensive.


There is a website called “Remotes and Keys” where you can get a replacement for your Nissan keys that is a lot less expensive. Remotes and Keys have a commitment to source the best quality keys possible. They have both OEM as well as replacement products for almost any make or model of the car. The OEM products will be the exact same as if you bought it at the dealership only the price will be different. The replacements for the older model vehicles are sourced from factories having products more superior to the cheap items you will find on Amazon, eBay, or other competitor sites. So you get a quality replacement key at a much better price.