4 Hacks to Saving Money from The Best Car Rental in Singapore

Car rental in Singapore is indeed cheaper than buying your vehicle. But did you know you can still reduce your bill further by using some tricks and hacks? You don’t have to spend many dollars on the trip if you try these tips.

Here are some tricks to minimise your vehicle rental company:

1. Book early

Avoid booking near or during peak seasons, such as holidays and summer, because commercial vehicle companies in Singapore increase their prices more than usual because of the demand.

Additionally, when the demand for rental cars is high, the cheaper and mid-range vehicles are booked early and what’s left are the more expensive models.

2. Use your insurance

It is a custom for a car rental company in Singapore to offer you insurance or waivers in case the car gets into an accident. If you have existing insurance or your credit card provides you insurance coverage, you can use them instead of buying one from your dealer. However, it is better to take your dealer’s insurance offer if you don’t have one.

3. Inspect your car

Car rental companies charge their clients for the damage the car obtained under their care. Unfortunately, this fee is used in many scams. You can avoid this by inspecting the vehicle and taking a picture of existing damages before driving the car out of your dealer’s garage. The images prove that dents have already been there before you use the vehicle.

4. Avoid add-ons

The best car rental in Singaporemay offer you add-ons, including GPS, frequency radio, and a baby seat. You don’t have to get these things when you can provide your own. For example, you can use online maps and GPS apps, use albums or Spotify playlists for music, and install your baby seat.

You don’t have to worry about car rental expenses in Singapore if you try these tips.

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