Interesting Facts About Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles are one of the most robust and versatile automobiles to exist. With these powerful features like the bulletproof exterior, balance, and discreet protection, it is easily the best car anyone can invest in. The best part about armored vehicles is that you completely customize them according to your preference, and if you cannot afford to buy a new one, you can turn your old sedan or SUV into an armored vehicle. With so many options and personalizations, safety or armored cars are now available to everyone with a limited budget. 

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Interesting facts about armored vehicles 

  • An armored vehicle has the same weight as a mini whale. 

An exciting thing that makes armored vehicles so robust is their weight. Due to the solid and rigid materials used to build these cars, the entire weight is much more than that of a regular car. While the weight of armored vehicles might be more, you do not have to worry about them being difficult to handle, as they are effortless and provide ample safety even if you turn your old car into an armored one. 

However, when converting your old vehicle into an armored car, you must ensure that it is heavy because a light vehicle cannot be armored due to its minimum weight. When your old car is being armored to increase its safety and power, all the existing materials of your vehicle go through a hot forming process, making the car’s environs thicker and more robust. 

This is not possible with a lightweight car as it will not reach the optimum level of thickness, and you might end up damaging your old car instead. 

  • You are entirely safe in an armored car. 

When you hear car dealers or companies saying that you can trust an armored vehicle with your life, they are not lying or trying to manipulate you into making a sale. They mean it because all the materials used in an armored car are ten times more reliable and robust than regular cars. In case of accidents or felonies, your armored car will be your safety net if anything or anyone tries to harm you. 

Even if you go through a severe accident in your armored car, the build of these vehicles is so strong that you will not sustain any severe injuries, and no passenger will be harmed.