Can I rent a car amidst the Coronavirus outbreak?

Are you planning to rent a car during the coronavirus outbreak? Sure, you can. Since there’s a global pandemic, you need to follow proper rules and regulations for booking the car. 

The local government of all the countries has advised people to take shelter in their own houses to prevent the virus from spreading. However, emergencies may arrive, and you need to move around. Several car rental companies are shut down due to the increasing rate of virus spread. But, don’t worry because Location Decarie is still very much functional to ensure our customers can reach the place virtually. 

If you want to rent a car during these hard times, you will need to consider a lot of things for your safety and for others. 

  • Do not go for prepaid rates.

Most of the car rental companies will offer you prepaid rates, but you must avoid it. While prepaid rates would have been convenient if it was a normal time, but since there’s a pandemic, you may need to cancel the trip.

If you opt for a prepaid tip and later need to cancel it, there are significantly fewer chances for you to get a refund. Thus, you must do a bit of research on your own and look for the pay later details. The pay later deal will save you from paying upfront charges. 

  • Avoid going to the counter.

When you visit a place, you may need to stand in line. Well, standing in the line will make you come in contact with a lot of people. This is what you should be avoiding. Since the virus outbreak prevention is all about social distancing, you need to ensure that you follow it properly. 

Well, instead of standing in line, you may prefer opting for renting the car through online portals. Decarie brings to you the line-skipping option through which you can book through online websites. 

  • Sanitize

Before boarding and leaving the vehicle, make sure you have sanitized yourself. The car rental companies are taking enough measures for the protection of the customers by sanitizing the cars. But, you need to ensure that you take proper measures too. Make sure that you carry disinfectant wipes and are careful while holding up the elements for extra safety. 

A little safety hurts nobody. Thus, when you rent a car, make sure that you have taken enough precautions to protect yourself.