How Impressive is the 2021 Audi A6 as a Midsize Luxury Sedan?

Midsize sedans have always been one of the most preferable choices as a family car. So, when it imbibes the best of luxury features, we can always guess, how irresistible they become. The 2021 Audi A6 models being a member of this family came to the limelight for attracting a larger crowd of buyers this year. When we wanted to analyze the reason for its current state of popularity, the Wasco Audi dealer gave us the following explanations that indeed helped us know the sedan better. Parallelly, we felt the temptation to take a test drive with this beautiful artifact, and confirm the beliefs we have already made about it.

Gallery of Trims

Before we got into one of the 2021 Audi a6 models, the dealership staff wanted to inform us about all the trim levels that are present in the current year lineup. While showing these individual versions of the same luxury sedan series, they made it a point to make us understand, where lays the difference between them. So we explored briefly each of the 2021 A6 series that stood there in the garbs of Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige trim levels.

The staff who attended us mentioned that apart from the standard trim variants, there are three other trims that are to be counted as feature packages that can be implemented on these standard trim models. These packages are named as the S6, RS 6 and the AllRoad trim that have different focuses, like the appearance, interior comfort and performance. Among them, as the name suggests, the AllRoad is all about performance.

Feature Highlights

As a luxury midsize sedan, all the trims of the 2021 Audi A6 series offer luxury appointments of higher standards. Even if you enter the base level, you will feel honored the way the cabin treats you, but when you choose the higher trim levels, things escalate to a height that might cross the level of expectations for many. What comes as the standard equipment on all the trim models is the infotainment system that consists of twin touchscreens that divide their shares of all the digital functionalities.

The models also get 19-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and Bluetooth connectivity, while the cabins come wrapped in rich Nappa leather upholstery, on higher trims.

Luxurious Performance

The entire concept of luxury implemented in the series of the 2021 Audi A6 models is based on a powerful lineup of performance components. At the base there is 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine making 248 horsepower, while a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine is seen to drive the higher trims with its 335 hp. As you climb the top of the range a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine is made available to make the rides as smooth as butter with its thunderous 444 hp, whereas equipping your A6 model with the RS 6 package will land you with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine to propel the wheels at 591 hp, showed us the Audi dealer serving Wasco.