How To Choose The Right Engine Oil For Your Bike?

Engine oil is the essential component of a healthy and efficient engine, and in its absence, the metal parts will not work smoothly. When the metal parts cannot move freely, they will cause a lot of friction resulting in unnecessary heat generation and power loss. Ultimately, the seals will be dry and develop a crack that will make foreign particles’ invasion easy.

The engine oils are necessary for the smooth functioning of the metal parts and avoid heat build-up. If you are a motorcycle owner, you must try out the engine oils developed by Total bike oil, a company of unquestionable excellence in engine oil development. Let us now look at some of the essential factors that should be considered for selecting that perfect engine oil for your bike.

Types of Engine Oil

There are essentially three types of engine oils available in the market that are suitable for different types of two-wheelers. The first one is a mineral oil that is better suited for small engines with the capacity ranging between 80cc to 125cc. The second one is the semi-synthetic type, which is a blend of mineral and synthetic oil and can be used for engines with 125cc – 180cc capacity. The third one is pure synthetic oil obtained as a by-product of pure mineral oil and serves the engines with more than 200 cc of capacity. You should always choose an engine oil according to the power of your engine.


Its viscosity denotes the thickness of engine oil. An engine with lower viscosity is fast-moving and suitable for lubricating high functioning machines. You must choose the mineral oil with the perfect viscosity. Otherwise, the metal components of your bike’s engine will grind rigorously and decrease efficiency. You must always choose your engine oil according to the type of viscosity required by your vehicle.


It is now a normal practice among oil manufacturers to add additives to the engine oils. The additives are components responsible for removing debris and taking care of the acidity. Additives play an important role in cleaning the carbon formations on different parts of the engine. Thus, additives act as natural cleaners by removing the necessity of cleaning engine parts by opening the engine. Check out if the engine oil you wish to use has the perfect blend of additives.


Motorcycle manufacturers will always recommend engine oil for their products. They understand their products better than anyone else and would only give the best recommendations when it comes to engine oils. You should always keep track of any manufacturer’s recommendation for a better performance of your engine.

These were some of the essential factors that you must keep in mind when choosing an engine for your motorcycle. Engine oils are the lifeline of engines, and they should be selected wisely for the long-lasting health of your engine. If you make the mistake of not taking engine oils seriously then it will adversely affect the overall performance and health of your engine.