The best way to Remove Rust In the Motorcycle Vehicle’s Vehicle’s Gas Tank

Just one benefit to become to able to work on motorcycles is that you could generally see them relatively inexpensively when have fun with them is required. Typically, a motorcycle that needs work remains sitting for a while, usually while using tank empty. This means as time passes that rust has already established over, as was the problem getting a 1981 Honda CB650 that we had acquired. To condition this factor had rust within it was an understatement it’d chunks of rust. Fortunately though, the tank did not have pin hole leaks or anything also it was completely solid. How you can the thrill part! I’ll explain the whole process of removing rust in the motorcycle vehicle’s vehicle’s gas tank. After I pointed out, it had been done around the 81′ CB650, it is therefore tailored compared to that, but I am certain it’ll concentrate on other bikes.

What you should need:


Sanitized water (it’s crucial that you only use sanitized water)

Two stroke oil

A general period of chain 4 to 6 foot extended


Something to plug the fuel outlet (We used some hose just a little rag and a little bit of black tape)

IMPORTANT NOTE: ACETONE AND RUBBER Don’t MIX! If you work with rubber to shut the fuel output change it out when you drain the acetone mix since the acetone will eat away advertising online.

At the moment I’m prone to assume you will find the vehicle’s vehicle’s gas tank in the bike which it’s empty. This can be a step-by-step.

Plug the fuel output and make sure it’s sealed

Fill the tank about ½ full of acetone and let it sit turning every so often

Wait overnight

Shake the tank and empty the acetone/rust mixture in to a bucket

Fill the tank ½ way again with acetone which period drop the chain in

Shake the tank frequently and also. The chain will knock remaining rust off

Empty the acetone/rust mixture to the bucket

Fill the tank tabs on sanitized water and empty it. Do this until only fairly water that’s clean arrives without any rust might be heard rattling around. I convey a hairdryer inside the fuel hole and dried it right after

Fill the tank about ¼ with two stroke oil and shake it around then empty it

Please eliminate the acetone as well as other nasty chemicals properly