My Car Makes A Whining Noise When Accelerating! What Should I Do?

Did you know that a loud engine modification is popular among men who want to express their masculinity? However, there are some loud noises that car owners don’t want to hear. For one, you should be concerned when your car makes an odd sound when you accelerate.

Read on to learn about why your car makes a whining noise when accelerating and what you should do.

Cars Making a Whining Sound When Accelerating

A whining sound when accelerating can get caused by a variety of things. For one, it can happen because of low steering fluid levels, problems with the steering pump, leaks in the pump, the alternator, worn or loose belts, wheel bearings, the exhaust, or the transmission.

A high pitched whining sound when accelerating often occurs because of wear and tear. After using a vehicle for some time, components of the car get worn and affect the proper functioning of different parts.

When your motor is not functioning right, you may need to replace a small part like a rear differential, or a major part. For example, if the cause of the noise is due to the engine, it could cost you thousands.

A car making a whining sound when accelerating is a cause for concern. The first step to identifying the issue is to go through an auditory and visual inspection.

Visual Inspections

Hearing a consistent noise while driving your car means you should immediately pull over and seek help. Until help arrives, you can do your own visual inspection. If you are near your home, it is best to complete this inspection there to ensure safety.

During your visual inspection, check tires and tire wells to see if anything is stuck that could be causing the noise. You can also look underneath the car to make sure no car parts are scratching the ground.

Before checking under the hood, make sure the engine is off. When the engine is cooled off, feel around to see if anything is loose. If there is nothing wrong in this area, turn the engine back on and look and listen for anything odd.

If there is a whining noise from the engine, you could check online to find a solution. If the whining sound seems to be coming from the cooling system, it might be an issue with your bmw coolant, which requires a thorough inspection. However, a problem with the engine should always be looked at by a professional.

If someone else is with you, have them press on the gas to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. You can also watch someone drive the car up and down the street to check if you can see a problem that way.

Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are the most common cause of a high pitch whining sound when accelerating. Worn down parts in the transmission can result in a noisy car ride. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring your fluid is never low or old.

Get Your Car Checked Out

A whining sound when accelerating your car should always get checked out by a professional if a visual inspection leads to no solution. A noise like this can come from a simple problem or a more complicated one. Because there are so many reasons this could be occurring from your vehicle, taking it in for a maintenance check is your best bet.

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