What to Expect After Getting a Ticket for Careless Driving

Police officer writing a traffic citation while an unfortunate driver looks on from his car.

Have you just been pulled over and given a ticket for careless driving? This is problematic because it could lead to you getting a criminal record and having to pay a fine. Neither option looks great on your CV when applying for jobs and you could probably spend the money you fork out for the fine on other things.

So what do you when you’ve been given a ticket for careless driving and how do you make sure your experience with law enforcement is as painful for your wallet and your CV as is possible? Here’s everything you need to know. 

  1. Hire a Defense Lawyer 

The first thing to do after being given a ticket for careless driving is to hire a defense lawyer to explain your rights and to help you fight your case in court if necessary. 

You might think hiring a defense lawyer can prove tricky but only if you don’t look in the right places. Start with a simple Google search, using the correct SEO keywords that correspond with the state and the nature of your careless driving offense.

Then you can start to see a list of lawyers who are most likely to help you with your ticket for careless driving.

You must find a lawyer that you connect with so don’t blindly pick the first one that appears. Instead, approach a couple who you think will suit your needs and ask to speak to them over the phone or on a video call. 

  1. Get Insurance For Next Time 

We can’t change the past but what we can do is learn lessons for the future. And one of the first things you should do once you’ve been dealt with by law enforcement is to get yourself proper insurance if you didn’t have it already.

It might seem expensive but you don’t want other drivers on the road or businesses you’ve hit with your careless driving to have to fork out for costs. Equally, you don’t want a large fine.

Remember to let your insurance reward you by getting a great deal and avoiding careless driving. 

  1. Prepare Your Defence 

Be sure to prepare a great defense against your actions, particularly if you believe yourself to be innocent. 

Your lawyer can help you with this. But this should involve collecting evidence such as CCTV images and witness statements to help prove that your driving wasn’t careless. 

Do not under any circumstances lie about your conduct as this could lead to further criminal sanctions and could jeopardize your entire case. 

Remember that traffic laws dictate that distracted driving counts as a form of careless driving. 

Getting a Ticket For Careless Driving Is Not Inevitable 

Getting a ticket for careless driving is not inevitable. If you drive carefully and slowly you should be able to avoid this situation.

But if you are arrested by law enforcement always tell the truth, don’t lie, and prepare a solid defense of your actions.

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