Things Owner of 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Should Know Beforehand

Hyundai Kona electric is a great option for SUV lovers for its amazing features at a reasonable price. It has a combination of modifications from its previous models that has enhanced its power optimally. You can enjoy smooth driving, a spacious cabin, and a fully electronically controlled system from this vehicle.

You can easily get one by reaching out to Sicklerville electric vehicle dealership. Hence, if you want to know about this vehicle, keep scrolling. The features are quite intriguing and meet your criteria for a perfect vehicle.

What to Expect from Hyundai Kona Electric?

Hyundai Kona is a great electric model in 2022 for its great features and attracts buyers with its stylish appearance. You should know about these features for a clear idea before buying this model. These features are as follows,

  1. Optimum Driving

The driving range of this model has a combined rating of 120 MPGe. The highway driving rating is 108 MPGe. This rating indicates its performance is better than its rivals such as Bolt EUV, Niro EV etc.

  1. Great Battery Life

The brand has declared that the battery life lasts till 2000 charging cycles. Therefore depending on your usage pattern, your Hyundai Kona Electric can give you a long-lasting service.

  1. Warranty and Trustworthiness

Like many other Hyundai models, Kona Electric also offers an amazing warranty for every damage coverage. This is a unique selling point of any model from this brand; therefore, you can expect it very prominently from this model.

  1. Better Suspension Set-up

The suspension system of this model has been set up neutrally, offering great control over the car. In addition, its low centre gravity and rigid chassis give you a great driving experience that is not present in any other rival models.

  1. Mobile Charging

Hyundai is responsible for giving you a mobile charging station if your car suddenly needs it. In addition, the model gives an impressive warranty on roadside charging assistance. Therefore, you can worry less about its power usage.

Interior of This Luxury SUV

Along with above-mentioned features, you will also get a comfortable interior set up in Hyundai Kona Electric models. The model provides people with a spacious cabin and high-quality materials such as top-class leather seats, soft-touch dashboard and door cards, etc.

Further, the wide set-up of the armrest, steering wheel wrapped in premium quality leather, clear digital display etc. are also noteworthy.

Isn’t these tempting?

Therefore, if you have already decided, check out the collection of EV dealer in Sicklerville and book a model. Before that, have a look at its price range.

How Much Does This Car Cost?

The price of Hyundai Kona Electric 2022 starts from $34k approximately. However, considering its optimum driving stability and other attractive features, it can be a great choice for your luxury long drive. To grab the best deals, you should visit your nearest showroom and also opt for a test drive to experience elegance and comfort.

Hope this guide has given you a proper understanding of the model. To order your model, visit your nearest dealership now.