What Are The Mandatory Guidelines For Used Car Ownership Transfers?

Used cars are much in demand irrespective of the financial condition. Used cars are a popular choice for people who want to buy their first car at affordable rates, need to learn to drive, buy a 2nd car for a family member or spouse, and so on.

Transferring ownership of used cars (ขั้น ตอน การ โอน รถ มือ สอง, which is the term in Thai) is also an essential procedure to conduct. The car documentation from the seller to the buyer must be done systematically to avoid confusion later.

Below are a few helpful steps and guidelines for effectively transferring used car ownership. These steps will help you understand better the lengthy processes of used car transfers.

Thoroughly Check The Condition Of The Used Car

The initial process of transferring ownership of used cars is the most important. The inspection of the vehicle is to be done thoroughly to verify the current condition and decide to buy it accordingly. The vehicle inspection department is beneficial in following this step. If the inspection isn’t done, the transfer cannot be initiated.

Preparation Of Documents For Transferring Ownership Of Used Cars

A used car seller must prepare a laundry list of documentation before dealing with the buyer. These documentation steps are mandatory and cannot process without valid paperwork. The tax invoice, receipts, transfer request form, contract of sale, and so on are a part of the list of documents.

Submission Of Ownership Transfer And Payment Of Fees

Post the submission of the documents to the registration department, payment fees are to be transferred to the land transport. Post that, the staff will help with the verification of the documents.

Receive The Registration Certificate

Once the documents are submitted and verified, the next step is to acquire the registration manual back for the process. The assigned staff will arrange an appointment for the used car buyer to process further.

Get A Receipt Tax Mark And The License Plate For The Used Car

The last and crucial step is receiving the receipt with a tax stamp and the license plate. This is considered to be another proof of transfer in the entire process.


It is critical to check the documents for thoroughness and accuracy before and after transferring the used car. You must comply with these five steps whenever you assign a used car. It only makes the entire procedure easy and hassle-free for both parties, eventually leading to a smooth approach.