Things To Know About Australian Car Importing

Many would say that you should not waste your time about importing a vehicle from a different country into Australia and that you should simply settle with one of the vehicles that you can purchase within the country. However, if your dream car is available only via the methods of importing, going through that process is more than worth it, and it is actually quite simple when you learn how to do it.


Find a reliable provider

One of the most important things to know about importing not only to Australia, but into any country really, is that you are going to have a much easier time doing it if you hire a reliable provider like Import Direct Car Sales or someone similar who has been in the business for years.

After your first import, you will definitely learn more than enough with the guidance of the provider in order to do the following imports all by yourself without any issues. While hiring a provider does come with additional expense, it is quite worth it as missing out on something during certain steps can delay the import for days or weeks.

Apply for vehicle import approval

Whether you choose a provider you help you out or not, you will still have to apply for a vehicle import approval. In the past, this has probably been the most annoying step, as it involved waiting in very long lines. However, today things are a lot different, and you can easily apply online. You will also receive the approval online via e-mail, however, the time to receive the approval is still the same like before.

Arrange shipping

When it comes to the transportation options for vehicles outside of Australia, there are not that many of them. If you are importing cars from America, you can expect them to be stored in a container that is transported via a cargo ship.

Organizing things like this are quite simple if you go with the expert American classic car imports at Import Direct Car Sales or someone similar as your provider, as there is more than it meets the eye. For example, before the shipping, it is necessary to make sure the vehicle is clean and ready for Australian customs.

Register your vehicle

Once your vehicle is imported into Australia, it is very important to register it under your name. You can apply for vehicle registration in your relevant state or territory. If you drive your vehicle unregistered, you will receive a big penalty if you are stopped by an officer on the road.


Get your American car with a professional import company

Final word

Hiring a provider when doing a vehicle import will definitely make things easier. Once you go through an importing process with a provider, you might not have to hire them later on as you will surely learn a lot from you first experience. However, if you are still insecure, or if you simply want to save time, hiring a provider is definitely a great choice.