Tips for identifying fake auto parts for the vintage cars!

Those who have a vintage car know how important it is to periodically maintain the vehicle, whether due to failures or due to the natural wear and tear of parts, which usually results in the replacement of problematic items. However, it is very important that the owner seeks a reliable parts provider to perform this service, thus avoiding the use of fake automotive parts.

The consequences of using fake auto parts can go far beyond customers’ dissatisfaction. These products represent a major threat to the safety of a vehicle, and can cause serious accidents due to malfunctions, putting several lives at risk. Choosing goods with lower values ​​is not always the best way to save money, as these items end up not meeting technical safety standards, which can cause problems in the future.

But how to make sure that the product being purchased is of quality?

Visually inspect parts

Problems involving counterfeit parts often begin with the appearance of the items. Therefore, before buying products that will be used in your workshop, check their characteristics. See if there are burrs or other imperfections in the finish, printing failures and adulteration marks. The same attention must be paid to the packaging. It is practically important if you are dealing with vintage cars. For example, if you want to buy Nash metropolitan brakes, check if the product is genuine, has good finish, meet the standards and norms, etc. Buying fake automotive parts may lead you and your car to serious damage.

Search for the serial number

The original automotive parts have a unique and specific serial number on their surface. This control is important to guarantee the assistance offered by the manufacturer. Ideal is to check if this code is exclusive, making a comparison with other parts from the same supplier. If you cannot perform this analysis, search the internet for the serial number of the part obtained.

Always require the invoice

The invoice is the document that guarantees the legal origin of any merchandise. When purchasing automotive parts without this proof, in addition to the problem of tax evasion, the chances of the product being of low quality or counterfeit are greatly increased. The document must contain information such as date and place of purchase, type of product, model, brand and series.

Be wary of very low prices

Although low prices are great attractions for those who want to make any type of purchase, it is necessary to take some precautions when it comes to automotive parts. As resellers purchase parts from manufacturers for a fixed price, it is impossible for them to sell them at very low prices without harming their finances. However, you can select the parts that are affordable.

Check if the packaging is broken

The packaging of counterfeit automotive parts has a design very similar to the original, but with some differences. It is very important to analyze the information printed on the packages, such as the original batch number, stamps and barcode. You will get genuine parts for Nash Metropolitans car at affordable prices here,